In a Dynamic and Complex Environment, It is Important to do what YOU DO BEST!!! Relying on a single or a small number of employees for critical functions poses many risks and challenges including those of limitation of knowledge, employee retention and continuity as well as downtime.

Outsourcing Non Core Business Activities to Professionals allows you to focus on Your Core Business Needs.

Our Experts under various verticals collaborate their efforts to provide a comprehensive, exhaustive and single window Outsourcing Solution. Our Relationship Executives are just a call away to address your daily requirements and will connect you to the Leaders for detailed discussion on Complicated Business Challenges.


Our Seasoned Accountants ensure Real Time recording of Financial Transactions with clear audit trails as per the control framework built for outsourced business practices. Transactions are verified for accuracy, adequacy of supporting documentation, accounting treatment before they are recorded in the Books of Account.

Management receives information on transactions on a daily real time basis to enable them to make decisions in a timely manner.
Our Book Keeping Services comprise of:

IFRS Ready Accounting
Control Framework to suit your business practices
Continuous Monitoring through external audits
Clear Hierarchy of Reporting and Review ensuring accuracy
Accountants Trained in Multiple Accounting Softwares and MIS reporting Tools such as Quick Books, Peachtree, SAP, Microsoft Navision, Oracle Finance, Great Planes, Tally, Nanobi, Hyperion etc.
Automated and Controlled Payments Methodology enabling remote approval of transaction processing.
A Custodian Service, with Strict Controls over Issue and Outward of Material and Independent of the Political Influences of Management Hierarchy in Spirit and on Paper, results in a very well managed Inventory System.

The Firm provides Inventory Management Services to Small and Medium Enterprises.

From Inventory Orders to Delivery within a Framework of Control and Continuous Audit.

India presents a complex business environment with businesses expected to deal with a myriad of laws, written and unwritten. Our Compliance driven services are curated to ensure that business owners can focus their energies on their businesses while we ensure that they are compliant with the applicable and relevant legal framework. Our compliance team is ably assisted by technology and in-house developed tools that simplify and assure promised results.

Our compliance services include routine monthly filings and maintenance of records and extend to preparation of Annual returns and financial statements under the Companies Act, in compliance with Ind AS as well as IFRS.

What We Offer:

Income Tax
Transfer Pricing
MCA Filings
Corporate Governance
Foreign Remittances
Labour Law
Profession Tax
Tax remittance
STPI Filings
Employee Taxation
Outsourcing your finance function enables you to leverage over 4 decades of experience in handling diverse financial situations. Financial Management is the lifeblood of any business and outsourcing it to experts ensures timely and prudent advice.

What we can do:

Analyse your cash flows
Prepare budgets and cash flow forecasts
Working Capital Management
Developing a Financial Strategy
Monitoring Financial health and KRAs
Capital Structuring
Capital Budgeting
Single point contact
An integrated solution for Payroll Processing, Employee Taxation, Management of Employee Benefit Policy, Advisory on Employee Related Policies and Disbursement and Management of Employee Loans.

Outsourced Payroll services start with Structuring of Salary Components in a Tax Efficient Manner for the Employee and the Organisation. Our Technology Partners will assist in implementing Time Capturing and Management Software and Hardware Solutions tailor made for your business. Employee Time will be reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with Company Policy and Relevant Statutes.

Monthly Payroll Computation and Disbursement of Salary is managed through online and offline platforms based on the client environment.

Value Added Services such as Loan Processing, Connect with Investment Advisors and assistance with Wealth Planning etc., are provided by our Associates partnered to the Payroll Division.

What We Offer:

Transparent and Quick Payroll Processing
Time Control – Software and Hardware Solutions
Online and Offline Computation of Pay
Employee Tax Support
Value Added Services


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