“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”. Our Advisory services recognise the needs of a fast growing business in a dynamic environment and enable informed decision making.


Inorganic growth is a strong contender in the strategic plan of any fast growing Company with sufficient cash reserves. The Firm has played a pivotal role over the last 4 decades in advising Companies, large and small, on various strategic moves ranging from Mergers and acquisitions, to joint ventures and strategic investments.

The Firm has catered to a multitude of leading Indian Start-ups and Fortune 500 Companies providing services of:

Succession Planning is the buzzword in the present days where families are in the race to create wealth and are keen on preserving wealth for generations to come. Succession Planning requires thoughtful and deep insight into the family’s values, objectives and the structure of family including expertise in various statutes governing succession.

We have been associated with large and well-known business families across India and have been instrumental in helping them ensure a smooth transition of family assets and income to more than three successive generations.

Our offerings include:

  • Assisting on setting the goals and objectives for the family
  • Advising on selecting the right form of entity to ensure the smooth transition
  • Assisting in ascertaining the financial needs of the family and planning the investments for such needs.
  • Resolving disputes/ differences within the family
  • Advice on Structuring the investments and funds management
  • Drafting of Trust deeds and Wills
  • Taking up Executorship
The Firm works with multiple professionals to form a focused wealth management, advisory, administrative, taxation support entity for High Networth Families or Group of Families.

The Family Office is set up as a Separate Entity purely providing financial advisory to one family under various verticals and also handling the day to day requirements of running the family household including fund requirements for education and other personal expenditure.

Apart from providing all professional services to the Family Office, The firm manages the relationship with multiple professionals, vendors etc., and constantly works with the Family / Client to balance the needs of wealth creation and allocation in a smooth manner.

This includes structuring Clients’ businesses to optimize tax benefits, advising global businesses interested in investing in India, issue of Legal Opinions, Risk specific tax management – to identify and minimize the risks associated with business decisions carrying a tax impact
A Chartered Accountant occupies a position of Trust. Over the years we meet, review and advise a number of our clients spanning industry sectors and boundaries and handle varied challenges. Through the course of the Engagement we are able to see the grass root working of the Entity and the relationships between its People, its Clients and the Communities it serves. This experience gives us a fair and birds eye view of disputes within management, between management and employees and the Company with its environment in the form of Vendors, Customers, Statutory Bodies and Authorities etc.

Dispute Resolution is an integral part of our advisory division as it assists Clients to see the greater benefit and move ahead in an amicable way through tough situations.


Business is a subset of Society; Business thrives on the needs of Society; Business is made up of people born, living and influenced by their societal relationships and balances – CSR completes this harmonious and powerful circle.

The Government through introduction of Section 135 of The Companies Act has mandated Companies to spend on CSR.

How we can assist:

For Corporates

What We Offer:

  • Formulation of CSR Policy
  • Plan and Identify Partners & Projects
  • Implement Projects
  • Monitor Project Spend and Progress
  • Audit of Project Impact
  • Audit of CSR Spend

For Charities

What We Offer:

  • Formation of the Charity
  • Requisite Registrations
  • Compliance with Statutes
  • Monitoring Project Progress
  • Audit of Projects
  • Financial Management
  • Reporting framework for CSR


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